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Efficient, clean and inexpensive delivery solution.


Single moving part, no messy fluids, no clutch, and no transmission.
Just turn the throttle to go.

Colorful Display

LED instrumentation gives you clear information of riding.

Front basket

Hold stuffs which you want to watch in riding.


Big tail box

Born for delivery use.


3 speed mode and cruise control

Different speed modes could help to master different road conditions.
Cruise function could relax hand in long distance riding.


Portable batteries

Swap batteries in 3 seconds.


Extra cargo holders

Extend the space to hold extra cargos.


Front and rear disc brakes

Rapid response, sensitive, safe and reliable,
shorten braking distance.



SUNRA high speed motor

Shorten delivery time which is the life of delivery service.


Multi-angle display



Open size 1855*670*1090mm
1855*670*1265mm(with rear box)
Wheel base 1290mm
Tyre 90/90-12 tubeless
Max speed 45km/h
Max range 65km/130km
Front brake Disc brake
Rear brake Drum brake
Motor Sunra motor
Motor power 3000W
Meter Mechanical display
Battery 72V20AH lithium(portable)
2*72V20AH lithium(portable)


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