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I am Kiro.

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Sharp & Aggressive

Your scooter should be as dynamic & agile as you are.

Attention to details


Kiro is a comfortable & flexible scooter,
with endless practicality, but also endless pleasure.

A large under-seat storage area for
your groceries or helmet.

The LED headlight does more
than just illuminate, it gives
Kiro a strong fashion element.

Finger print turn-on

Give a gentle touch to start the motor.

Retractable footrests

Portable lithium battery pack

Convenient removing & easy replacement.


3 speed mode, cruise control & reverse.

More efficient and cleaner engine
makes for a unique feeling of riding.

Multi-angle display



Open size 1715*410*1039mm
Wheel base 1205mm
Tyre 3.0-10 tubeless
Max speed 45km/h
Max range 60km
Front brake Disc brake
Rear brake Disc brake
Motor Sunra motor
Motor power 800W
Meter Digital display
Battery 60V20AH lithium ( portable )


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